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Weekly Online Zoom Sessions

Zoom is a video conference and webinar platform enabling interaction and virtual meetings from home


Member case studies and guidance

Professional Support updates and guidance

Q&A Sessions

Small Team Sessions

One to one guidance and consultancy

Zoom cafe (bring your flat white!)

Slack Forum

Daily interaction is an organised forum providing insights and key current information and focussing on getting to the answer to your every day questions. Qualified professional input and referrals and recommendations from the experience of the membership. 

Access to Renowned Professionals

Unity is backed by qualified professionals with expertise across the spectrum of topics - planning consultants, RICs surveyors, accountants, lawyers, brokers, crowd funding experts, tax experts, business experts, insurance brokers, pensions experts, trust and wealth planning, licensing. 

Commercial Legal Insurance


Covering all your property businesses and interests. 


Provides free legal and professional representation on matters including:

Tax Investigations across all your property businesses

in addition:

Defence of monetary claims from suppliers or business associates

Contract Disputes (limited cover)

Debt recovery (excluding tenant arrears)

Defence of Health and Safety issues including enforcement notices

Statutory Licence Protection (HMO and selective)

Data Protection

Criminal Prosecution Defence

Employee disputes and tribunals

Dedicated Telephone Access to Vantage advisory service

The advisors behind the chambers of commerce membership. Qualified advisors will answer your questions regarding any business legal or tax matter including employment law, health and safety tax and VAT



Unity Files Resource

An ever growing resource of past presentation slide shows, recordings, reference material, tools and spreadsheets.

Access to one to one advice and consultancy

Experienced and proven business professionals and entrepreneurs will provide one and one consultancy and guidance to you on any property related matter.

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